Woke up to this post on LinkedIn this morning which excites me so much, because if WGSN is writing about sustainable fashion, it’s gaining traction! WGSN is a trend prediction service which countless companies rely on due to their reputation. So excited for this fashion collaboration, and our sustainable fashion win ✊🏼

Statistics found on Pinterest to help fuel your journey to less plastic consumption! 1 trillion bags are made annually and yet plastic made from its inception is STILL circulating or sitting in landfills. Pleeeease bring cloth bags with you - grocery shopping, restaurants, your friend’s house.

San Franciscans! Set your Christmas tree out (1/2-1/12) by your recycle bin for easy disposal! The City of SF combats illegal tree dumping and promotes sustainability by chipping trees and using the remnants as mulch for city parks. Last year, San Francisco recycled 498 tons of Christmas trees – the equivalent of two Boeing 787... Continue Reading →

Avoid the landfill by upcycling your denim! This wonderful program turns denim into housing insulation. I’ve donated a few pairs in person at Madewell stores, but you can mail yours directly to the organization! For more info, visit: bluejeansgogreen.org

Visited the Walnut Creek pop-up location of Maker’s Market! This beautiful store is full of local, sustainably made goods, from artisan jewelry to home accessories. This store closes end of January, but they do have a San Jose location! Follow their journey: http://www.makersmarket.us

One of the most valuable things I learned at work this year is how to compost properly. Let’s learn together and make this a New Year’s resolution, please. Here’s a hideous diagram from The City of Fremont’s website, that makes it easy. Free hideous reminder stickers are apparently available as well. Persuasive but: California lost... Continue Reading →

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