Monday Makeup Swap: Lily Lolo eye primer replaces Benefit eye primer. Bought this clean alternative at @credobeauty a few weekends ago, and love it! The eye primer contains two colors - a natural skin color and a yellow color for more stubborn dark circles. I find that this cheaper and cleaner primer works better than... Continue Reading →

Solar eclipse is over, so what do you do with your eclipse glasses?! (Please don't throw them away). "Astronomers Without Borders will be announcing a program to collect eclipse glasses for distribution to other countries for future eclipses. Hold on to your glasses! Ask the company or organization you got them from if they will... Continue Reading →

Sailing through the Sunday sunshine in my ethical @palasunglasses 🕶 I've been on the hunt for ethical and/or sustainable sunglasses, and I've seen some amazing companies working with great material and for great causes! A lot are still in the works, and I'll share those with you once they launch, but let's talk about Pala... Continue Reading →

Plastic water bottles thrown into recycling are never truly disposed of. @wearproclaim helps dispose of these water bottles by making them into bralettes, while addressing the need for a variety of "nude" colors! What do water bottles made into bralettes feel like? SOFT. There is a tiny percentage of spandex to get this on of... Continue Reading →

Today I had lunch with my friend who works at LinkedIn, and along with amazing free food, I was treated to a tour of their solar powered building (thank you @ro_ortegz for being patient with me as I geeked out over every inch of the building)! I was so amazed at how beautiful the interiors... Continue Reading →

How could I resist trying a brownie that said "sustainable" on it!? This brownie by @sweetstreetdesserts is the BEST brownie I've ever eaten - packaged or homemade. The responsibly sourced Peruvian chocolate and clean/pure ingredients truly make a difference! I'm actually pretty shocked at how delicious this brownie is! Non GMO, additive free, amazing quality... Continue Reading →

My latest secret weapon: vitamin E blended with avocado and jojoba oils! I found this gem when scrolling through my @thinkdirty mobile app (purchasing items through the app helps keep this wonderful service free)! The ThinkDirty app has helped me find clean cosmetic, skincare, and hygienic alternatives such as toothpaste and deodorant. I love this... Continue Reading →

Today I saw a video about counterfeit makeup which enlightened me on the topic. Not only is selling counterfeit makeup illegal, but it is incredibly damaging to the skin! The video explored Santee Alley, a popular destination in downtown LA for counterfeit finds. The vendors stated that many makeup artists purchase these products, and overall,... Continue Reading →

Ever since I discovered @souliersstudio, an all vegan luxury footwear brand in Canada, I've been drooling over these confetti pumps! They're 20% off right now - someone, please grab a pair so I can live vicariously through you! (I wouldn't get enough wear to buy them myself...#slowfashion, #consciousconsumer, #buywhatyouneed 😉).

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