I think my research might have scared my mom into purchasing eco-friendly sunscreen! Whatever works 😉🤷🏻‍♀️ Did you know that the chemicals in "regular" sunscreen have helped kill our coral reefs? Imagine what those same ingredients are doing to your skin! Raw Elements creates sunscreen effective enough for athletes yet gentle enough for infants -... Continue Reading →

Dr. Bronners is a one stop shop brand for all your natural, fair trade, and ethically produced hygienic needs. Some of their products include: soap, lotion, toothpaste, and hand sanitizer! One of their multi-use products they carry is the Arnica Menthol Organix Magic Balm. 6 ways to use the Arnica-Menthol Organic Magic Balm: 1. Help... Continue Reading →

It's officially Summer in the U.S., which means beach weather for those living or traveling to the coasts! Guys, looking for new swim trunks? Look no further than @rizboardshorts, a board short company that makes their apparel from recycled plastic bottles! The rPET fabric is made from plastic bottles in their manufacturing facility in Taiwan,... Continue Reading →

What can I do to convince you to purchase ethical and/or sustainable products? I love publishing my research, but I am happiest when I see someone actually making the switch. *Shoutout to my mom, who bought sustainable, natural sunscreen (after I scolded her for buying Neutrogena) 😅 Please note, buying - ethically means: empathizing. Spending... Continue Reading →

When I first started my sustainability journey, Soko was the first ethical and sustainable jewelry company to follow my blog, and I instantly fell in love with their values. @shopsoko does so much good by producing jewelry using only locally sourced, up-cycled materials such as brass (fun fact: 90% of the world's brass is recycled).... Continue Reading →

Loving my @copperh2o water bottle! (Read my prior post about the Ayurvedic and environmental benefits of using copper)! My grandfather said that our relatives in India use these vessels a lot, and for the maximum benefits, one should leave the water overnight and drink the entire bottle in the morning. The use of plastic bottles... Continue Reading →

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." "One person can make a difference." I finally got to experience the reality of both these quotations today when I decided to pose a question in a work meeting that I assumed would get rejected in half a second. I work for a tech company... Continue Reading →

These artistic popsicles are part of a project created by 3 art students at The National Taiwan University of Arts. The tragic beauty behind these popsicles is that they are made from 100 different polluted water sources in Taiwan. 90% of the trash found in the water was plastic, and the unique colors such as... Continue Reading →

Still looking for the perfect Father's Day gift? Check out what @houseofmarley has to offer! Sustainable headphones, turn tables, speakers, and more? Music to my ears 😎🎧

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