Think about where your dollar is spent. Consumers have the power to reverse the vicious fast-fashion cycle, and demand clothes that do not cause chaos. The entire life-cycle of a garment, and its mere existence, is giving the fashion industry a dirty reputation. There are so many things in this world that we cannot control – fashion is not one of them.

By rethinking your clothing purchases / which retailers you purchase from, you are:

  • casting your vote for the kind of world you want to live in
  • providing better working conditions and livelihood of the humans who make your clothes (sometimes we forget that humans work for pennies so that we can wear the latest and greatest)
  • slowing down the fashion industry, eroding away at our throw-away culture
  • decreasing landfills
  • wearing clothes that do not contain chemicals or strange multi-syllable components (skin is very absorbent, don’t forget that)
  • decreasing deadly disease rates, globally (the humans who have to deal with our throw-away culture die at an alarming rate due to the amount of toxicity and pollution they live in/near/around because they cannot afford to move farther. This is a factor in the never-ending poverty cycle).
  • eradicating child labor
  • allowing factory workers to see their families (I watched a video about a mother whose child did not recognize her because she worked too much at the factory to barely make a living)…
  • saving our wildlife!

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