Being fashionably sustainable doesn’t mean you have to go out and replace your current wardrobe. In fact, that’s quite the opposite of what it means to be sustainable! Every morning when I walk into my closet, I am drenched with guilt staring at the immorality that is my wardrobe. The temptation to start fresh and purchase ethical garments and accessories grows greater every day, as I blog about sustainable fashion.

This is not a sponsored post. 

One work-around I discovered is a clothing rental service. I knew about Rent the Runway for dresses, but recently found Le Tote which is for everyday wear! Based out of San Francisco, the clothing and accessory rental service sends you an unlimited amount of totes [shipments] per month, for a fixed price. You’re allowed one tote at a time (to avoid hoarding), and can keep the clothes for as long as you want. (There is a purchase option as well if you decide you cannot part with the items). For the most bang for your buck, I recommend wearing each item once or twice in a week, and shipping it back for a new tote. Each shipment arrives in two days, so their service is quick! With many brands to choose from, you never have to commit to purchasing clothes for your closet, making this an affordable and sustainable option for women (and me)!

Remember, living sustainably isn’t limited to just purchases! Reuse and recycle.


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