Let’s talk about vintage items! Vintage refers to items that are at least 20 years old and are easily tied to a specific time period. This sweater I thrifted a few years ago is a 1980’s piece (if I’m not mistaken… I wasn’t quite born yet). Vintage pieces are often marked up in price compared to other items in the thrift store, but not nearly as much as the markup on everyday fast fashion items. Craftsmanship is usually a lot better in vintage items because things were made by hand before mass production became available; in addition, the fibers are most likely natural. For example, this sweater was found with no flaws and is older than I am! Vintage is a great option for styling sustainably due to its testament to time. (Side note: these earrings were hand painted by a local artisan I found at a flea market overseas)! Both items have lasted beyond #30wears

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