Impulse purchases are the worst. You see an item, let’s say a rug for this example. This rug is definitely not something you need in the house, but the price tag says otherwise. Suddenly this rug is the coolest looking thing in the world and you can easily justify this purchase because of its price. Out of nowhere, you have magically made your way to check out (virtual or actual), and bam, you suddenly own a rug you didn’t need. Welcome to, The Emotional Shopping Zone.

How many times have you popped into Target after lunch to “digest” or quickly grab something you suddenly remembered you needed, and ended up with a cart full of “I just HAD to get it” purchases? Or hopped onto your favorite retailer’s website to kill time, and ended up buying things? Welcome to, The Emotional Shopping Zone.

As we enter the weekend (when we tend to shop a little more than usual), I think it’s important to note a few things regarding sustainability!

  • The few little purchases that turn into many, add up! Spend that well-earned money on sustainable products instead 🙂
  • How long before you decide you don’t need those impulse purchases and discard them easily due to the cheap price tag?
  • Why is there a cheap price tag to begin with?! You can’t tell me that rug actually cost $12 to produce.
  • Is your right to look good or decorate for a small amount of money, worth the sacrifice people and the environment are making overseas?

Your wallet and conscious will be happy you decided not to make so many impulse purchases this weekend! You’ll realize you don’t need so many belongings in the first place, and fill your residence with ethically produced products that will bring your soul and guilty-conscious much pleasure. And hey, maybe you’ll even realize that sustainable products are actually affordable with all this extra cash you saved! Transitioning from paying practically nothing for products to spending a little more will take time of course, but realize your purchase is saving families and the environment. How’s that for emotional shopping? 🙂

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