Last Thursday I received my first shipment from Pratima Skincare, (I found this brand through Kate Black’s Magnifico book), and I cannot be more impressed with the results I’m seeing! Pratima Skincare is based in New York and practices Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda means “the science of life,” and is an 5,000 year old practice of healing the body through natural ingredients, and was founded in India. The practice revolves around healing and prevention, mentally, physically, and spiritually, making sure our bodies are working at their best 24/7. Home remedies for the cold or flu are a good example of Ayurveda (honey+ginger vs. cough syrup).

Pratima Skincare uses 100% natural ingredients in their products and only uses recycled paper and vegetable dyes in their packaging! Since the ingredients are completely derived from nature, there is no reason to animal test (since nature doesn’t harm us…chemicals do). Products are 100% free of any and all chemicals, including synthetic preservatives, parabens, GMOs, artificial scents, colors and dyes. So what’s in their products? Herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, plants, and minerals!

You can shop their categories (face, body, etc.) or based on concern, which I love because it removes the guesswork. The word Dosha will appear on their site as well, which is an Ayurveda term. There are 3 Dosas, and we each posses a little of each. If you take a Dosha quiz, you can see which one you possess the most of and shop by Dosha as well!

Pictured above is the Pitta Starter Kit, which includes a cleanser, Liposome oil, Pitta essential oil, and Botanical moisture cream. The kit comes with an eco-friendly muslin pouch and instructions on what to do. Unless you’re using the cleanser as a mask occasionally, the process takes about 3 minutes (hooray for easy face washing). My main goal was to get rid of acne scarring, since most face washes only do just that – wash. I wanted something that would repair my skin, and this starter kit has done exactly that within a few days! I am so so pleased and recommend Pratima Skincare to both men and women who want to balance their complexion and start the day off well.




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