#Repost @tinykat: “Inspired by my fabulous sister-in-law who runs @unravelingthreads” 💕 ・・・
After a lot of thought and research I recently made the decision to switch all of my skincare and makeup to brands that are 100% #Natural, #Organic, #Sustainable, #EcoFriendly, and #CrueltyFree. I care about the environment and animal welfare deeply so it was only logical to make this move.
Due to my sensitive skin I have to be extremely thoughtful about what I put on my face The first piece of my routine to make the switch is my powder foundation. I settled on a mineral based one by the brand @alimapure. The Satin Matte Foundations (loose powder) comes in 45 shades, which basically means you are guaranteed to find something that matches! For days I would like more coverage I will build up with the loose powder, for lighter days I will use the pressed.
A nice thing about the pressed powder is that you can buy individual refills rather than buying a new compact every single time. By doing this you #reuse, #recycle and decrease the amount of waste you generate! A win-win in my book.
Another fantastic thing about this makeup is the packaging. I am a sucker for a clean black and white packaging with excellent typography and design. 👌🏻

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