“Carlton Cards recognizes that as a company that relies upon the paper industry for many of our products, it is essential that we work with suppliers that take their responsibility to protect the environment seriously. To do this, we seek to contract with paper suppliers who meet the highest environmental standards, demonstrate sustainable forestry and use recycled content as appropriate.

Carlton Cards supports efforts to increase the overall amount of certified forests and recognizes and supports all credible forestry certification standards. We believe that any recognition of this important topic will result in the growth of socially responsible forestry management.

Sustainable Forestry – We only contract with paper suppliers that are reputable in the industry and are third-party accredited to ensure the use of certified fiber content and that their product comes from sustainably managed forests. In addition, all of our paper suppliers are required to comply with applicable laws governing the harvesting of timber such as the Lacey Act, which bars the importation of illegally harvested wood and wood products into the U.S.
Recycling Programs – All waste paper generated in the production process of our products is recycled. Most of our cards are made of fully recyclable materials and can be recycled by the end user.
Carbon Footprint Reductions – We measures our global emissions so that we track progress towards our goal of a smaller carbon footprint.
Sourcing – We continue to evaluate all domestic and international materials suppliers and their progress towards the goal of reducing our collective impact on the environment.”

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