Adidas unveiled their “Futurecraft 4D” shoe on Monday, which has a 3D printed midsole. Although this is a pretty cool technological breakthrough, I’m not a fan of the material – polyurethane blend and liquid resin. Wish they could have used recycled plastic to create this, but the good news is that their 3D printed shoes will be sold in much smaller batches. What’s interesting is that the printing method incorporates a new technology which is different from traditional 3D printing, actually improving athletes’ performance and lessen the chance of injuries!

On an environmental note, “Adidas has a detailed five-year strategy to decrease their environmental impact and invest in sustainability efforts — they’ve actually sat down with Greenpeace and promised to put an end to all of their hazardous chemical discharges by 2020. They’re thinking a lot about their carbon footprint as well: Adidas is shooting for a 30 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2015, and their energy efficiency programs have saved nearly 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide in Indonesia alone. Adidas has a specially appointed team whose job is to not only conduct audits of their factories, but to work with their owners and managers to improve their compliance with global labor standards. They partner with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) to run independent factory audits, and they encourage workers to report any abuses by letting them anonymously text their suggestions, a system that’s met with great success,” (

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