I love #earthday because it’s the one day corporations truly think about the environment [and attempt to figure out some headline to post on social media about being energy efficient or making a pledge to be more environmentally friendly by 2020]. It’s the one day we as a global community celebrate nature, and maybe even reflect on some of our consumption habits and how it impacts our world. Shout out to Native Americans and similar communities across the globe who celebrate Earth Day everyday, and truly honor the space we live in. Any change you decide to make, whether it’s eating sustainably sourced foods to wearing natural fabrics, is powerful change. Being a voice of change through example will empower and educate other individuals, and may even become a movement. Companies are hyper-sensitive to consumer needs and demands, so even they will come around and help clean up our planet with better practices. Friendly reminder: there is no Planet B. Happy Earth Day, everyday! 🌎🌱

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