Coffee eye cream anyone? Discovered @atharapure through our wonderful sustainable/ethical/cruelty-free community here on Instagram, and ordered my first eye cream from them last week! What I love: natural ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, & free USA shipping! Each ingredient serves a deliberate purpose, all working together to help reduce puffiness, darkness, and wrinkles. This works beautifully under my eye concealer, too! I can already see the tightening of my delicate under-eye area, which is great! Reversing skin abnormalities such as pigmentation can take a while, so be patient! 25% off Earth Day sale is going on right now!

This wonderful company is also philanthropic! “There are three ways we are supporting impoverished and orphaned children…

1) Provide Nutrition – we are in an official partnership with Trees for Life! Trees for Life plants disease fighting and nutritious Moringa trees for impoverished communities. For every 100 likes our FB page @atharapure receives, we will plant a fruit tree! We have planted over 10 trees already!
2) Provide Shelter – Athar’a will be donating a portion of proceeds to Give Light – a foundation that is 100% volunteer based and builds orphanages around the world!
3) Provide water – Athar’a will also be donating a portion to Charity Water, another organization that gives 100% of their proceeds directly to communities in need of water.”

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