Do your glasses or sunglasses slip down your nose at work, in the heat, at concerts, or ever…? Check out @nerdwax, an adhesive for those wandering frames, made out of 100% natural ingredients (my favorite)! Ingredients: needed, coconut oil, gum rosin, and peppermint oil (all-natural cosmetic grade ingredients, which are Certified Organic and sustainably sourced). What is gum rosin you ask? Rosin is a solid form of natural resin obtained from conifers and mainly pine trees. It has a variety of uses, but in nerdwax, it serves as the adhesive. This product was featured on @sharktankabc and can be purchased on the nerdwax website, or amazon. (Side note: anything you order on @amazon can be purchased through @amazonsmile, which is where Amazon donates a portion of your purchase to a charity of your choice)! One tube of nerdwax lasts 6-8 months!

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