Came home after a long hike to THESE 🙌🏼 The clouds parted and my feet were no longer in pain after slipping these @allbirds wool runners on. If you ever want to know what walking on clouds feels like, order these or their wool slip-on shoes! (So comfy even my mom’s troublesome feet breathed a sigh of relief when they entered this pillowy goodness). What makes this shoe so darn comfortable? Sustainably sourced merino wool, my friends. Wool? On a shoe?! If you recall one of my prior posts about wool, you’ll remember wool has great countless great properties, making this an ideal fiber for the heat and cold! Even the sole is made of wool, so socks aren’t required (in fact I encourage you not to wear them: more comfort). Since you’re wearing a natural fiber on your foot, you’ll notice very little to no odor since moisture is wicked away! “Our textile uses fibers that are 20% the diameter of a human hair; so, unlike the wool you may be used to, our breathable fabric regulates temperature and moisture without any itch!” You can also machine wash these sneakers, and replace the inner sole on, once you’ve worn them out (how wonderfully sustainable)! Their packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and printed with soy-based ink! Oh, and this “hella” amazing SF based company is B Corp Certified. I’m hooked, are you?

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