Read a very informational article about shopping habits this morning article. The conclusion of the article was compelling enough for me to share the info: “It revealed that ‘a third of Millennials strongly agree that they are more likely to buy from companies that are mindful of their social responsibilities’, but that ‘only a tiny proportion of fashion shoppers are willing to pay a premium for sustainable products.’ In additional to that, ‘one in four firms named consumers’ unwillingness to pay such a premium for preventing them from revising their practices.’ And finally, when a group of managers from a range of fashion firms were asked the question ‘to whom would you attribute the major responsibility for driving the industry towards more sustainability?’

Their answer was… us, the consumers.

The industry suggests that we, the consumers, have the biggest part to play in making the fashion industry a more responsible one, yet our understanding of how we can do that is still arguably low,” (HuffingtonPost UK).

Yes sustainable fashion costs more than what we’re used to, but your dollars ensure an ethically produced (for workers and the earth) garment. You are supporting working wages and eco-responsibility with your dollars. Purchase only what you need, saving money, resources, and preventing waste. Slow, mindful purchases will last significantly longer than low-quality fashion that is built to last only a few washes. Quality > quantity. Fast fashion really needs to slow down, and so do we.

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