Learned a lot about hemp as an alternative to cotton through @superegoworld’s website! Hemp has a bad reputation, often being associated with marijuana mostly thanks to Former President Richard Nixon’s War on Drugs movement. Silly considering our U.S. Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper! Hemp is so durable that hemp paper artifacts found in Taiwan from 10,000 B.C. we’re found in pristine condition! If my clothes lasted that long, I would be a wealthy woman! Hemp is also a way better crop to grow than cotton, for it uses 50% less water to grow! It’s also 10x more durable than cotton, more breathable, insulating, absorbent, heat-resistant, UV-resistant and more antibacterial! This wonderful fiber can also grow in any soil condition, and even purifies and remediates damaged soil 😱 If hemp has much better agricultural and wearable properties, why does the fashion industry insist on using cotton for everything? Check out @superegoworld for street clothing made from hemp!

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