Beautiful house eh? What’s more beautiful is the solar roof tiles (which look even better than traditional roof tiles). On May 10th, Tesla finally released their solar roof tiles to the public! Solar power is energy powered by the sun – free renewable energy, which dramatically reduces your electric bill. With solar roof tiles, your roof can provide enough energy to obliterate your electric bill and even make excess energy. Tesla provides a battery in which the excess energy is stored, and can be used when the sun is hiding (such as winter days). The only downside to these tiles is the upfront cost, BUT, your roof may not need entire coverage. Depending on the size of your house and your electricity consumption, you can decide what percentage of your roof needs to be covered. The upfront cost may be a bit of a shock, but these tiles have a lifetime warranty due to their insane durability (more durable than traditional roofs), will save you money in the long run by eliminating the cost of electricity, and last 30 years (which is really good in the solar industry). Oh yeah, and say goodbye to power outages since you will be off the grid! An upfront investment in exchange for 30 years of unlimited renewable energy sounds pretty sweet in my book!

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