In previous posts, I’ve mentioned a lot about chemicals in cosmetics, hygiene products, and fashion. Today I’m finally talking about food 🙂 We often think about where our food comes from, how it’s grown, and all too often, read ingredient lists that resemble chemistry textbooks. But what about BABY FOOD!? Babies don’t have too many food options, so parents or guardians are forced to purchase strange chemical-induced purees. Our exposure to toxins in our food begins at such a young age (even through breast milk in this day and age, thanks to chemically laced fashion, food, and air). A wonderful food subscription service called solves this problem! They send you organic, non-GMO ingredients, and you simply blend and serve to your baby (pictured above). You want in on this incredible food journey? They have breakfast, lunch, and dinner boxes PLUS cleansing juices for the big kids! The subscription is only available in California and Nevada as of now, but follow @thistleco to stay tuned for expansion news! Eating clean helps the mind, body, and soul, and can now start at any age 🙂

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