Desert Essence is a company founded on social responsibility and is a certified B-Corp company. They source their ingredients responsibly, including palm oil (I’ll discuss palm oil in a future post). Their packaging is recyclable and products are claimed to be biodegradable. I was pumped to discover this brand in Kate Black’s Magnifeco and at Whole Foods, and quickly grabbed deodorant for my dad and myself without reading the ingredients list. Although this deodorant works really well and does not contain aluminum (can you believe that’s in normal deodorant?) and propylene glycol (carcinogen), it does contain ingredients that are not natural. However, I scanned my @desert_essence deodorant on my @thinkdirty app, and got a score of 3, which is on the cleaner side! According to the app, the ingredients are clean and don’t show any harmful implications. Although I would prefer an all natural deodorant, this works really well in this crazy heat we’ve been experiencing (and is totally unisex)! This product is certified by @leapingbunnyprogram. Desert Essence also carries gluten free products, toothpaste, hair products, skincare, baby products, and bath and body products. Check them out online or in stores 🙂

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