Anyone in New York this three day weekend? Check out @packagefreeshop, a one stop shop for sustainable, basic necessities. The co-owners Daniel and Lauren lead zero-waste lives, so nothing they use ends up in a landfill! This lifestyle resonates through their store, for every stocked item is completely recyclable or compostable, and is meant to last way longer than one use – there is even an alternative to paper towels in this store! Most of the items do not come in a package, but those that do are able to be given back to Daniel and Sarah for proper disposal. Sarah states that the average American produces 4.5lbs of trash per day. This may not seem like much on an individual scale, but take that into a global context. Any step we take to purchase sustainably helps displace items from landfills and ocean gyres. Package Free Shop is such a convenient sustainable store, giving us no excuse not to purchase responsibly! Hope we see more shops like this pop up around the world!

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