Just a few pages in, and this book is already making me think metaphorically:
Humans are the environment’s cancer. We destroy everything in sight – animals, natural habitats, forests, oceans…everything. What’s funny is that our man-made creations are at our own expense as well as the planet’s. Our designs are full of carcinogens, coincidentally enough, from house paint to underwear. Cancer cells spread, multiply, and take over – sound familiar? We don’t think about sustaining the planet that sustains us. We take everything that is not ours to take, and forget about nature’s established equilibrium. Think about the circle of life or how trees work individually and together to create microclimates and balance the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Nature was designed to work together and efficiently, to last for trillions of years. Thanks to our greed, we have destroyed to the point of no return (for example, did you know The Great Barrier Reef is no longer salvageable thanks to climate change)?

“A small change in the cell’s chemistry can lead to its death; a small change in the physical environment may cause large and cascading changes to the relative abundance of the species in that environment,” (Jeffery D. Sachs, The Age of Sustainable Development).

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