“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” “One person can make a difference.” I finally got to experience the reality of both these quotations today when I decided to pose a question in a work meeting that I assumed would get rejected in half a second. I work for a tech company where recycling paper is the best they do at “being green.” This is the reality of many similar companies, so I decided to ask if anyone has thought about using recycled materials for our USB packaging. As expected, money was the issue versus the greater good, but thankfully, my question intrigued one person in the meeting. After the meeting ended, we discussed the packaging idea but he wanted to do more with the product itself, so I suggested using recycled plastic vs creating new plastic for the USB exterior. Long story short, the discussion encompassed fresh design ideas and marketing pitches that convinced him to try and sell this idea to Amazon. This eco-passionate graphic designer might have just triggered the launch of eco-USB drives… even if this doesn’t go through, what a revolutionary step and discussion! Never underestimate your voice and the potential impact one person can make.

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