Loving my @copperh2o water bottle! (Read my prior post about the Ayurvedic and environmental benefits of using copper)! My grandfather said that our relatives in India use these vessels a lot, and for the maximum benefits, one should leave the water overnight and drink the entire bottle in the morning. The use of plastic bottles is actually harmful to our bodies – Dr.Patel, founder of the Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center, says heat can release cancer-causing toxins, which leak from plastic into water and even food. The two chemicals released are BPA & dioxin. So if you leave your plastic water bottle in the car on a sunny day, don’t drink it afterwards! Plastic water bottles have been identified as the most common cause of high levels of dioxin in breast cancer tissue. Even if you don’t believe in holistic benefits of drinking from a copper vessel, nor the dangers of drinking from a plastic bottle, switching from a plastic reusable water bottle to a much more sustainable material is better for the environment!


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