What can I do to convince you to purchase ethical and/or sustainable products? I love publishing my research, but I am happiest when I see someone actually making the switch. *Shoutout to my mom, who bought sustainable, natural sunscreen (after I scolded her for buying Neutrogena) 😅

Please note, buying
– ethically means: empathizing. Spending a few extra dollars to help workers earn a minimum wage or more (would YOU want to be paid $1 for 12 hours worth of work)?

– sustainably means: taking care of yourself and the environment. Purchasing products with natural ingredients that DON’T cause neurological body damage (yay) nor harm to the environment (because they biodegrade).

Empathizing / advocating for human rights, saving the environment, and/or protecting you and your family’s bodies from harm. That’s what buying ethically and sustainably does.

I would love to read your comments about what might be holding you back from making the switch, to figure out how I can best address your needs!

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