Monday mornings call for an extra dose of caffeine…or two. However you decide to fuel up this morning, bring your own cup! I’ve been using reusable travel mugs for my morning coffee, but I encountered two obstacles: 1) the size of these mugs encourage me to drink 4x as much coffee than my normal cup, 2) I avoid using the travel mug throughout the day because I simply need a tiny amount of coffee to keep me going (again, size issue). I absolutely adore my new KeepCup travel mug because it’s the perfect size for my coffee/tea needs, and is designed with sustainability in mind.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, siblings Abigail and Jamie Forsyth founded KeepCup with sustainable initiatives as a core value. You might question how the plastic lid or silicone band options are sustainable – as did I. After some digging, I found out that silicone and polypropylene #5 plastics were the best options for hot beverages. Because of their durability, these materials will last for years! The way they manufacture their products is so efficient, that the energy required to build these travel mugs is incredibly low (life cycle analysis conducted by Simon Lockrey, Centre for Design at RMIT). The plastics were also tested to ensure zero toxicity.

I found an article from July 2014, comparing various reusable coffee cups, and KeepCup has definitely improved since then. While the other cups had functional issues, the only problem addressed for KeepCup was the plastic body being difficult to scrub. New design options include a glass body, to preserve the flavor integrity of your beverage, and sustainably harvested cork bands. Fun features that make KeepCup more enjoyable are color customization options and brand collaborations, such as the ongoing Star Wars collection. KeepCup comes in a variety of sizes, and the website provides accessory options incase you want to replace any pieces or turn your small mug into a bigger one! I truly believe KeepCup is the best in the market for reusable travel mugs.

“The KeepCup’s reason for being is sustainability, but it is the form and colors that people love, and is probably why you buy it,” Abigail Forsyth. I couldn’t agree more with Abigail, and so be it, since this wonderful mug has already diverted over 2 million disposable paper and plastic cups from landfills! The amount of energy to recycle and compost these disposable cups is insane, and using a reusable mug is always the better environmental option.

Grab your insanely handsome KeepCup at:

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