Another great reminder to support Fair Trade brands! My grandfather told me a story about the agricultural climate (non-Fair Trade) in India, which really made me realize the importance of this kind of certification / system. In a nutshell: farmers take out loans to plant crops and hope monsoon season provides rain. If it’s a dry season, they have no income for the year and are rejected from taking out another loan to plant more crops the following season. As a result, the land is taken away from them (they do not own it, it’s usually mortgaged), and the farmers commit suicide because they cannot provide for their families. Each year, tens of thousands of Indian farmers commit suicide because of this vicious system where they depend on nature for water (they do not have a central water supply in the villages). @fairtradecertified truly saves lives, so please, spare the few dollars to purchase this option over any other 🙏🏼

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