Today I saw a video about counterfeit makeup which enlightened me on the topic. Not only is selling counterfeit makeup illegal, but it is incredibly damaging to the skin! The video explored Santee Alley, a popular destination in downtown LA for counterfeit finds. The vendors stated that many makeup artists purchase these products, and overall, people don’t care what’s in the makeup – they buy it for the brand. Imagine how many people are exposed to the dangerous ingredients in these products because of brand lust! Most makeup is already laced with chemicals that are somehow approved by the FDA, but the fake products contain ingredients such as mercury, arsenic, horse urine, glue, rat poop, paint stripper, and more. The effects are painful to witness, but often occur days after product use. Because of the delayed reactions, most people do not realize that the fake makeup is the cause, and continue purchasing their favorite brand names at a fraction of the cost. In addition to the dangerous ingredients list, the unethical locations these products are made contribute to the grossness of the product. As a result, easily finds itself into the makeup. Consumer awareness and purchase power are the top contributors that propel this industry. Your dollar promotes the supply chain, so spend it wisely, or switch to clean alternatives that are impossible to fake! (You should be able to understand the list of ingredients without consulting a chemistry book). Clean/natural/sustainable/cruelty-free is always better 😉

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