What I'm obsessed with today: Brandless biodegradable and compostable tableware. Throwing a party just became more sustainable!

Family Essentials Kit, by @doterra 🙌🏼 I’m already seeing the benefits of investing in this wonderful kit: my grandpa usually takes 4 hours to fall asleep, and spends his afternoon trying to catch up on sleep, since the little rest he does get is poor quality. Last night I diffused lavender oil for him and... Continue Reading →

Got these lovelies from the glass pumpkin patch at Palo Alto's Art Center! Glass is recyclable and so beautiful when blown into art! Sustainable, reusable, ethically made home decor - my favorite 💚

And that concludes all the essential oil singles we learned about this past week in our masterclass! Taking what I knew about lavender and my body's response to it, I decided to order my first candle of the Autumn season in a wild lavender scent. @terralite handmade this 100% natural candle with amazing potency in... Continue Reading →

Oregano, an essential oil? I've only ever thought about oregano as a cooking ingredient. In oil form, oregano can still be used in cooking and even cleaning, but its most powerful use is maintaining a healthy immune, respiratory, and digestive system. Since the oil is potent, only 1 drop is recommended when ingesting it. Additional health... Continue Reading →

Frankincense oil is rightfully referred to as "the king of oils" because of its versatility. What I find amazing about this oil is its quick, physical healing properties. I applied a single drop on each bit of acne I had forming, and the next morning, my skin was free of them. This oil can mixed... Continue Reading →

Tea tree oil has two main benefits: antibacterial properties and rejuvenates energetic boundaries. Many hygienic products such as shampoos and deodorants have a tea tree scent or component, because of its great antibacterial characteristics. You can even place a few drops in your laundry to kill bacteria! My favorite use for tea tree oil is... Continue Reading →

Peppermint is the only oil in my starter sample kit which is sourced from the USA (Washington)! Physically, peppermint oil relieves headaches, calms the stomach, and invigorates the lungs (since it contains menthol). Due to its potency, peppermint oil truly awakens the senses and can be used to replace your morning and/or midday caffeine/sugar source!... Continue Reading →

The lemon essential oil is quite versatile, and is known as "the oil of focus." Inhaling this citrus scent is very invigorating and promotes energy, while dispelling feelings of guilt, confusion, mental fatigue, and even helps with learning disorders and studying (hence, focus). Putting a few drops in your water is hydrating, alkalizing, and nourishes... Continue Reading →

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