Today I had lunch with my friend who works at LinkedIn, and along with amazing free food, I was treated to a tour of their solar powered building (thank you @ro_ortegz for being patient with me as I geeked out over every inch of the building)! I was so amazed at how beautiful the interiors... Continue Reading →

How could I resist trying a brownie that said "sustainable" on it!? This brownie by @sweetstreetdesserts is the BEST brownie I've ever eaten - packaged or homemade. The responsibly sourced Peruvian chocolate and clean/pure ingredients truly make a difference! I'm actually pretty shocked at how delicious this brownie is! Non GMO, additive free, amazing quality... Continue Reading →

A visit to my hair stylist got me thinking about how much waste occurs at salons on a daily basis. I found an amazing company, @greencirclesalons, which teaches hair stylists across North America how to make their salons eco-friendly! Fun fact, PM Justin Trudeau gets his hair cut at an eco-friendly establishment! 🇨🇦 Green Circle... Continue Reading →

Has anyone tried Salt&Straw in Portland?! Their cups are made from 100% recycled content, and their stores use 100% renewable energy! @saltandstraw blessed us with a San Francisco location, and the taste is INCREDIBLE, along with their very unique flavor selection. Why? "Our ice cream is handmade in small batches using only all natural dairy... Continue Reading →

We often forget sustainability and cruelty-free practices impact the food industry. I'm not referring to the obvious meat vs vegetarian diets, but foods that use animal byproducts such as ice cream or yogurt! How were those animals treated in the making of these foods? 5 sustainable ice cream brands (listed by @greenmatters) include: @benandjerrys, @amplehills,... Continue Reading →

Monday mornings call for an extra dose of caffeine...or two. However you decide to fuel up this morning, bring your own cup! I've been using reusable travel mugs for my morning coffee, but I encountered two obstacles: 1) the size of these mugs encourage me to drink 4x as much coffee than my normal cup,... Continue Reading →

Since discussing the importance of purchasing Fair Trade, I found a website dedicated to just that! @shopwithamission has tons of products on their site, and you can even shop by country! For example, these salad utensils are sustainably made, only $10, and help send an HIV/AIDS orphan to school! It's amazing what Fair Trade products... Continue Reading →

Have you heard of Brandless? This company just launched a week ago, bringing consumers $3 products. Pictured is their product categories, yet what surprised me most is the company's commitment to bringing us sustainable, healthy choices. Organic cotton, FSC certified paper, recycled plastics, organic, and non-GMO for only $3? What's the catch? BrandTax™. According to their... Continue Reading →

SO proud of @sugarbowlbakery for making a non-GMO, USDA Organic certified brownie bite packaged in COMPOSTABLE film! The brownie tastes amazing, and the film is provided by Nature Flex. I looked into the details of this miraculous compostable film, and this is what I found: NatureFlex uses films based on renewable resources. Theirs is made... Continue Reading →

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