Moving out for the first time meant making a lot of decisions! Keeping sustainability in mind for every purchase can become quite expensive, so I’m very thankful for brands like @brandlesslife and @target who carry sustainable items at a great price! Pictured: tree-free toilet paper from Brandless | Oeko Tex certified organic cotton towels from... Continue Reading →

When plastic six-pack rings are replaced with biodegradable, edible wheat and barley rings, less sea animal fatalities occur 🙏🏼🙌🏼

Over the past two months, I single-handedly organized a denim donation drive at work. I brought in Madewell, partner of Blue Jeans Go Green and Habitat for Humanity, to collect unwanted denim from employees. Blue Jeans Go Green breaks denim down into its original form (cotton), and turns it into housing insulation! I also loved... Continue Reading →

I’ve never seen so many activist labels on a bar of chocolate! I found this at Sprouts grocery - a chocolate bar which helps protect endangered species. Endangered Species Chocolate website states, “10% of our net profits are donated annually to current 10% GiveBack Partners; each is guaranteed a minimum annual donation of $10,000 and... Continue Reading →

Moving out for the first time as a working adult means purchasing a ton of new stuff. I did my absolute best to purchase eco-friendly and secondhand, which makes me really happy! One of the more vital items I KNEW I needed to purchase sustainably was bedding! We spend a lot of time in bed,... Continue Reading →

Cheers, it’s Friday. Try out @toastale if you haven’t already - bread becomes beer. Did I mention their philanthropic side? I love zero waste companies🍻

I guess this is a food blogging week for me 😅 Has anyone tried @thrivemkt? They look AMAZING. Think: discounted Whole Foods, online! Thrive Market carries non-GMO, organic food with plenty of options for Paleo, Gluten Free, and Vegan diets! Not only do they carry food (like I previously thought), but they carry sustainable brands... Continue Reading →

I’ve been meaning to share my update on @abeego beeswax wrap! My mom bought herself a pack of 3 (yay mom!) a few months ago, and they work beautifully! Beeswax is a natural antibacterial, yet the wrap breathes so food lasts longer! It sticks to itself soooo well, and does the job just as well... Continue Reading →

Today, I’m obsessed with these pencils which you can plant once you reach the stub! Write away in a variety of colors and plant the rest once the pencil is too short to use. You can grow non-GMO, pesticide-free vegetables, flowers, and herbs from this sustainably harvested wood pencil! 😍  

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