Happy Fashion Revolution Week! On this day (April 24), we remember those who lost their lives in the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh. “Government labor reforms regarding workers' rights and pay and factory compliance have been put in place. But "in terms of effectiveness, there remains a gap," Khondaker Golam Moazzem, research director with the... Continue Reading →

Fast fashion is a crime. Please, don’t buy into it. Who made your clothes?

So you used up your mascara or it’s gotten too old to use. Now what? How about giving that mascara wand a second life by helping wildlife!? —- “Old mascara wands are used to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of wild animals. They work great because the bristles are close together. Send... Continue Reading →

Over the past two months, I single-handedly organized a denim donation drive at work. I brought in Madewell, partner of Blue Jeans Go Green and Habitat for Humanity, to collect unwanted denim from employees. Blue Jeans Go Green breaks denim down into its original form (cotton), and turns it into housing insulation! I also loved... Continue Reading →

I just tried oil pulling for the first time and wanted to share my experience! In a nutshell (pun intended) oil pulling is a method where we swish coconut oil around in our mouths to pull bad bacteria away from our teeth. There are many resources which claim oil pulling was used before toothbrushes were... Continue Reading →

Anyone else feel like they have to beg others to care about the planet?

...which is also why ethical fashion is so important. 9/10 times, a woman made your clothes. Fast fashion exploits women and men. Are you contributing to this exploitation? Let’s easily lift each other up by shopping consciously. #internationalwomensday

@prana goes 100% organic! ・・・ “One reason why we only use organic cotton now is because it uses 71% less water than conventionally grown cotton and does not pollute water through use of toxic chemicals.”

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