Anyone else feel like they have to beg others to care about the planet?

...which is also why ethical fashion is so important. 9/10 times, a woman made your clothes. Fast fashion exploits women and men. Are you contributing to this exploitation? Let’s easily lift each other up by shopping consciously. #internationalwomensday

@prana goes 100% organic! ・・・ “One reason why we only use organic cotton now is because it uses 71% less water than conventionally grown cotton and does not pollute water through use of toxic chemicals.”

Want to make the switch to bulk grocery shopping but don’t know where to find these gems? Check out to find bulk grocery stores in your area! Yes this tool works in any country! 😍 Don’t forget to bring small bags to fill + a reusable tote to carry them in!

A lot of sustainability issues come from product packaging. The amount of plastic used makes me want to cry 😫 However, this article is referring to a chemical used in food plastic packaging called perchlorate, a chemical known to impair brain development in infants and fetuses. Tests reveal that chemicals in packaging migrate into the... Continue Reading →

I’ve been meaning to share my update on @abeego beeswax wrap! My mom bought herself a pack of 3 (yay mom!) a few months ago, and they work beautifully! Beeswax is a natural antibacterial, yet the wrap breathes so food lasts longer! It sticks to itself soooo well, and does the job just as well... Continue Reading →

unravelingthreads turns 1 today! 🎂🎈🎉 Looking back, I realize how much I’ve learned and grown on this journey toward a sustainable lifestyle. I hope I’ve impacted a few of you along the way, and spread some useful information regarding the health of our planet and steps we can take to doctor her. There have been... Continue Reading →

This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to love our beautiful planet! ☺️🌍💚  

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