Sailing through the Sunday sunshine in my ethical @palasunglasses 🕶 I've been on the hunt for ethical and/or sustainable sunglasses, and I've seen some amazing companies working with great material and for great causes! A lot are still in the works, and I'll share those with you once they launch, but let's talk about Pala... Continue Reading →

Plastic water bottles thrown into recycling are never truly disposed of. @wearproclaim helps dispose of these water bottles by making them into bralettes, while addressing the need for a variety of "nude" colors! What do water bottles made into bralettes feel like? SOFT. There is a tiny percentage of spandex to get this on of... Continue Reading →

Ever since I discovered @souliersstudio, an all vegan luxury footwear brand in Canada, I've been drooling over these confetti pumps! They're 20% off right now - someone, please grab a pair so I can live vicariously through you! (I wouldn't get enough wear to buy them myself...#slowfashion, #consciousconsumer, #buywhatyouneed 😉).

100% wool | Made in the USA | Sourced from Italy. I'm absolutely ecstatic about this beautiful ($200) Eileen Fisher button-down shirt I thrifted for $45 on @thredup! Pictured is the top as an outer layer, but the silhouette is so unique due to its oversized sleeves and mandarin collar. Eileen Fisher is a pioneer... Continue Reading →

Ever since graduating college and immediately starting a "big girl" job, I've been trying to transition my wardrobe from comfortable college student to comfortable, mature designer. In Silicon Valley, it's VERY common to dress casually to work. For instance, you can usually tell the engineers apart from the crowd: blue jeans, sneakers, loose-fitting t-shirt, black... Continue Reading →

Absolutely thrilled with my hiking boots from @nativeshoes that got me up The Cliffs of Moher (and back in time for my bus) in 1 hour! I couldn't feel a single stone during my hike, and my ankles were protected from any accidental twisting! Thanks Native Shoes, for such a light, durable, and sustainably made... Continue Reading →

Had a sustainability fan girl moment when stumbling across an up-cycled jewelry booth! @creationsdanajewellery makes beautiful earrings, necklaces, & rings from vinyl records! You can even send your favorite record over and have it made into jewelry, if you fancy ☺️ You also don't have to visit Ireland to grab a pair (although I recommend... Continue Reading →

Sustainable / ethical fashion for traveling! Raincoat: @everlanewomen Shoes: @allbirds Purse: @letote rental Scarf: 100% Irish wool

When I first started my sustainability journey, Soko was the first ethical and sustainable jewelry company to follow my blog, and I instantly fell in love with their values. @shopsoko does so much good by producing jewelry using only locally sourced, up-cycled materials such as brass (fun fact: 90% of the world's brass is recycled).... Continue Reading →

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