When I first started my sustainability journey, Soko was the first ethical and sustainable jewelry company to follow my blog, and I instantly fell in love with their values. @shopsoko does so much good by producing jewelry using only locally sourced, up-cycled materials such as brass (fun fact: 90% of the world's brass is recycled).... Continue Reading →

Love the limited edition 100% Human shirts @everlane released for Pride! Their goal is to donate $100,000 to The Human Rights Campaign through this collection. We are all human, no matter how uniquely different we are. Equal rights for all, promoted through ethical fashion - wonderful job Everlane

Chemical-free underwear? Yes please ✔️ Choose organic cotton. @pactorganic

Half United is based in North Carolina, and sells unique jewelry for men and women. With each purchase, they donate SEVEN meals to children in need. Countries include: Haiti, Fiji, and USA. Check out this beautiful company! For every #repost of this picture on Instagram, @halfunited will partner with @elevatecm to donate one meal to... Continue Reading →

Repost @monki ・・・ "Don't throw your clothes away ♻️ Help us cut down on the amount of garment and textiles that end up in landfills by recycling your old clothes in any of our stores around the world. We accept any brand, in any condition and with the help of our partners at I:CO, we'll... Continue Reading →

Today, in the U.S., is Memorial Day - a day we honor those who lost their lives in war. In our global political climate, I think today is especially important to reflect on how divided we have become due to race, gender, religion, etc., which starts most wars. I got this unisex shirt from @everlane... Continue Reading →

Finally treated myself to some hiking boots so I can stop tumbling downhill on gravel whilst protecting my ankles 😋I discovered @nativeshoes back in February when I first began unravelingthreads, and have been drooling over this Apex boot ever since! All the shoes from this Canadian company are @peta approved vegan, or "beast free" as... Continue Reading →

Spring cleaning time! ThredUp is a great option for those looking recycle or donate their unwanted clothes. This unique thrift / consignment store is completely online, making it easier for women and children to sell and purchase secondhand fashion (apparel, accessories, shoes) and avoiding landfills. ThredUp has a cleaning kit which they send to your address, and... Continue Reading →

Learned a lot about hemp as an alternative to cotton through @superegoworld's website! Hemp has a bad reputation, often being associated with marijuana mostly thanks to Former President Richard Nixon's War on Drugs movement. Silly considering our U.S. Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper! Hemp is so durable that hemp paper artifacts found... Continue Reading →

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