A visit to my hair stylist got me thinking about how much waste occurs at salons on a daily basis. I found an amazing company, @greencirclesalons, which teaches hair stylists across North America how to make their salons eco-friendly! Fun fact, PM Justin Trudeau gets his hair cut at an eco-friendly establishment! 🇨🇦 Green Circle... Continue Reading →

Has anyone tried Salt&Straw in Portland?! Their cups are made from 100% recycled content, and their stores use 100% renewable energy! @saltandstraw blessed us with a San Francisco location, and the taste is INCREDIBLE, along with their very unique flavor selection. Why? "Our ice cream is handmade in small batches using only all natural dairy... Continue Reading →

Having too much fun with my @yllobeauty face mask 💛 My skin always looks forward to this rejuvenating mask after a long day. The turmeric has definitely helped fade old acne scars, while the rest of the natural ingredients work to liven up my skin. Tomorrow, I'll share my latest skin repairing weapon which I... Continue Reading →

Finally stopped by @credobeauty in San Francisco today! It's definitely The Sephora of natural makeup and skincare! I loved knowing that any item I plucked off the shelves would be cruelty-free, organic, and eco-friendly. In addition, they have in-store services such as makeup lessons and product swaps, where they help you replace the contents of... Continue Reading →

Another great reminder to support Fair Trade brands! My grandfather told me a story about the agricultural climate (non-Fair Trade) in India, which really made me realize the importance of this kind of certification / system. In a nutshell: farmers take out loans to plant crops and hope monsoon season provides rain. If it's a... Continue Reading →

100% wool | Made in the USA | Sourced from Italy. I'm absolutely ecstatic about this beautiful ($200) Eileen Fisher button-down shirt I thrifted for $45 on @thredup! Pictured is the top as an outer layer, but the silhouette is so unique due to its oversized sleeves and mandarin collar. Eileen Fisher is a pioneer... Continue Reading →

We often forget sustainability and cruelty-free practices impact the food industry. I'm not referring to the obvious meat vs vegetarian diets, but foods that use animal byproducts such as ice cream or yogurt! How were those animals treated in the making of these foods? 5 sustainable ice cream brands (listed by @greenmatters) include: @benandjerrys, @amplehills,... Continue Reading →

@wasteboards makes skateboards out of plastic bottle caps. Such a great way to clean up the plastic clutter, and put it to a fun and colorful use!

Ever since graduating college and immediately starting a "big girl" job, I've been trying to transition my wardrobe from comfortable college student to comfortable, mature designer. In Silicon Valley, it's VERY common to dress casually to work. For instance, you can usually tell the engineers apart from the crowd: blue jeans, sneakers, loose-fitting t-shirt, black... Continue Reading →

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