Adventuring this weekend? Check out @giligear for up-cycled duffle bags, travel pouches, beach bags, and more! Gili Gear uses repurposed vinyl mesh to create their colorful travel gear! Upcycling / repurposing means to take something (for example, jeans), and using it as something else (housing insulation). Upcycled production gives life to fibers and items that... Continue Reading →

By 2050, the number of plastic items in oceans will exceed the number of fish. Companies like @repreve are helping fight this alarming statistic by creating fiber out of recycled plastic! Their fibers are used by companies such as @prana, @adidas, @timberland, @ford, & @patagonia! This #worldoceansday, make it your goal to switch out plastic... Continue Reading →

Love the limited edition 100% Human shirts @everlane released for Pride! Their goal is to donate $100,000 to The Human Rights Campaign through this collection. We are all human, no matter how uniquely different we are. Equal rights for all, promoted through ethical fashion - wonderful job Everlane

Coconut is one of nature's blessings! It is SO versatile, delicious, and has so many benefits when consumed (a post dedicated to coconut oil to come later)! This fruit/nut/seed is known as "Tree of Life" because every bit of it can be used. Fun fact: when intra-venous (IV) solution was in short supply, doctors during... Continue Reading →

Chemical-free underwear? Yes please ✔️ Choose organic cotton. @pactorganic

Just a few pages in, and this book is already making me think metaphorically: Humans are the environment's cancer. We destroy everything in sight - animals, natural habitats, forests, oceans...everything. What's funny is that our man-made creations are at our own expense as well as the planet's. Our designs are full of carcinogens, coincidentally enough,... Continue Reading →

Half United is based in North Carolina, and sells unique jewelry for men and women. With each purchase, they donate SEVEN meals to children in need. Countries include: Haiti, Fiji, and USA. Check out this beautiful company! For every #repost of this picture on Instagram, @halfunited will partner with @elevatecm to donate one meal to... Continue Reading →

8 TRILLION plastic microbeads are flushed into U.S. waterways EVERYDAY. These non-biodegradable plastics are toxic to the water and animals who mistakenly consume them (which eventually end up our stomachs). These beads are too small to filter out, and only exist to serve as a mild abrasive. There are plenty of natural alternatives to microbeads... Continue Reading →

Repost @monki ・・・ "Don't throw your clothes away ♻️ Help us cut down on the amount of garment and textiles that end up in landfills by recycling your old clothes in any of our stores around the world. We accept any brand, in any condition and with the help of our partners at I:CO, we'll... Continue Reading →

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