I just tried oil pulling for the first time and wanted to share my experience! In a nutshell (pun intended) oil pulling is a method where we swish coconut oil around in our mouths to pull bad bacteria away from our teeth. There are many resources which claim oil pulling was used before toothbrushes were... Continue Reading →

Moving out for the first time as a working adult means purchasing a ton of new stuff. I did my absolute best to purchase eco-friendly and secondhand, which makes me really happy! One of the more vital items I KNEW I needed to purchase sustainably was bedding! We spend a lot of time in bed,... Continue Reading →

Anyone else feel like they have to beg others to care about the planet?

I am in love with the San Francisco start up, @and.comfort. The fashion industry is notorious for exclusion, and doesn’t seem to understand how curves work 🤨, so and.comfort is here to fix that. Keeping sustainability in mind with the use of natural fibers, and.comfort breaks down barriers in the curvy fashion industry. Minimalist fashion... Continue Reading →

Found this fun DIY project that I wanted to share: upcycling an old placemat to make a fun clutch! This clutch was made with 1 round placemat and colored rick-rack. Enjoy!

...which is also why ethical fashion is so important. 9/10 times, a woman made your clothes. Fast fashion exploits women and men. Are you contributing to this exploitation? Let’s easily lift each other up by shopping consciously. #internationalwomensday

@prana goes 100% organic! ・・・ “One reason why we only use organic cotton now is because it uses 71% less water than conventionally grown cotton and does not pollute water through use of toxic chemicals.”

Want to make the switch to bulk grocery shopping but don’t know where to find these gems? Check out https://zerowastehome.com/app/ to find bulk grocery stores in your area! Yes this tool works in any country! 😍 Don’t forget to bring small bags to fill + a reusable tote to carry them in!

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