I 💛 my Rothy’s! Found these gems brand new on @poshmark miraculously, but after wearing them all day, I totally understand why they cost a pretty penny... because you’ll never need to purchase flats ever again. I can’t count the number of flats I’ve had to discard due to wear and tear (tip and back... Continue Reading →

I guess this is a food blogging week for me 😅 Has anyone tried @thrivemkt? They look AMAZING. Think: discounted Whole Foods, online! Thrive Market carries non-GMO, organic food with plenty of options for Paleo, Gluten Free, and Vegan diets! Not only do they carry food (like I previously thought), but they carry sustainable brands... Continue Reading →

A lot of sustainability issues come from product packaging. The amount of plastic used makes me want to cry 😫 However, this article is referring to a chemical used in food plastic packaging called perchlorate, a chemical known to impair brain development in infants and fetuses. Tests reveal that chemicals in packaging migrate into the... Continue Reading →

I’ve been meaning to share my update on @abeego beeswax wrap! My mom bought herself a pack of 3 (yay mom!) a few months ago, and they work beautifully! Beeswax is a natural antibacterial, yet the wrap breathes so food lasts longer! It sticks to itself soooo well, and does the job just as well... Continue Reading →

unravelingthreads turns 1 today! 🎂🎈🎉 Looking back, I realize how much I’ve learned and grown on this journey toward a sustainable lifestyle. I hope I’ve impacted a few of you along the way, and spread some useful information regarding the health of our planet and steps we can take to doctor her. There have been... Continue Reading →

Today, I’m obsessed with these pencils which you can plant once you reach the stub! Write away in a variety of colors and plant the rest once the pencil is too short to use. You can grow non-GMO, pesticide-free vegetables, flowers, and herbs from this sustainably harvested wood pencil! 😍  

This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to love our beautiful planet! ☺️🌍💚  

How to style jeans & a t-shirt part 3: add some unexpected flair. I got this lovely neck scarf from @changeco.us, made by @krochetkids, a socially conscious company. Both companies are making waves in the ethically produced field - check them out!

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